Welcome to Higley Tricycles.  We hope you will take a moment and view  our selection of Tricycles and also the Three Wheel Bicycle Conversion Carriage Kit . Learning to ride a bike can be particularly difficult for some kids with special needs, many of whom have enough trouble keeping their balance when walking, much less riding. We feel we have a nice selection at a very affordable price that will get the adult and child up and riding.

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                                                                                                                           We  Rent Adult Tricycles In Minnesota.Adult Tricycle Rental   


               Model 1  
                                                        MODEL 1  $349.00 PLUS $79.00 SHIPPING UPS                   
                          THIS TRIKE FITS BIG KIDS AND ADULTS FROM 4"10 - 6"5"
This Adult tricycle is virtually indestructible. Hand welded and constructed of heavy durt 14 and 16 gauge steel. Comes equipped with all terrain pneumatic tires mounted on heavy duty steel rims with 5/8 inch steel ball-bearings.
Wt Cap of this trike is 400 Lbs.Out side tire to tire measures 30".
Easily rides on grass, rocks, and un-even sidewalks. The adjustable seat and tilting handlebars allow this large adult tricycle for years of thrills and healthful fun and exercise. Built to last and for future generations. BUILT IN THE USA. ORDER BY PHONE OR ON LINE    

                                           Our Seat Is 13" Wide With 2 5" Springs On The Bottom Side
            Model 2
                                             MODEL 2 COMES WITH A SEAT AND BACKREST
                                        $389.00 PLUS $79.00 SHIPPING UPS- SHIPS NEXT DAY
                                           *Current colors are Red Blue Pink Green Yellow

                                                            ORDER BY PHONE 763-438-0356


                                   CHILD'S SPECIAL NEEDS TRICYCLE (4-6 yrs old.)
                   Hi top handle bars                                             Standard Handle Bars
Dual wheel  rear all terrain tricycle.500 lb wt capacity. Extra stable with rear wheels keeps trike stable on all ground. Optional Yellow Seat.
Dual Rear Axle  Wheels Trike Only $269.00
Single Rear Axle Wheels. Trike Only $239.00
Custom Seat Backrest. Adapted for this bike.$169.00
Pedal Plates $79.00

                                               Wide Wheels  Small Bike Training Wheels
                                               Order with single wheels or dual wide wheels.
                                                The best on the market.

                                                                              ORDER HERE

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                                     3 WHEEL BICYCLE CONVERSION KIT   TURN ANY BIKE INTO A TRIKE!
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         Want to see more great special needs bikes and trikes? Vist  www.HigleyMetals.com
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